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Meet the new motorola razr+ and razr flip phones

motorola has unveiled a couple of new razr foldables with the motorola razr+ (or razr 40 ultra in some markets) sporting a huge cover screen. 

The razr+ has a 3.6-inch OLED cover screen with Gorilla Glass Victus protection and a 144Hz refresh rate. The razr+ also sports a sleek design without the bulky chin of the previous razr models. The cover screen lets users access apps and notifications without unfolding the phone.

All about that motorola razr+ cover screen

The cover screen lets you do many things. You can access weather, calendar, and other widgets in quick panels optimized for this smaller screen. Plus, you can also run almost any app on the cover screen, such as Chrome, Gmail, Instagram, and YouTube. They all have a small-screen layout. You can type emails or texts with a full on-screen keyboard. The only thing being reported that doesn’t work is opening the image gallery from the camera app.

You can also hand off apps between the inner and cover screens easily. When you close the phone with an app open, a button appears on the cover screen. You can tap it to open the same app on the outer screen. These panels are also customizable, so you see what you need. Swipe left or right to see games (yes, games), Google News, weather, contacts, Spotify, and notifications. 

Spotify gets a specially designed panel where you can control music from the cover screen. You can tap to resume or start playing songs. You can also tap to change to a new personalized recommendation.

As mentioned, there is also a game mode that lets you play several games from Motorola and GameSnacks on the external display. You can choose from games like Golf AdventuresTiger Run, and Marble Mayhem. These titles are optimized for the small screen and offer fun and engaging gameplay. Users can also switch to the main screen for a larger view of the games.

Hinge talk

The phone comes in three stunning colors: Glacier Blue, Infinite Black, and Viva Magenta. The motorola razr+ features a glass frame with either a matte finish or a soft vegan leather finish that feels great in your hand. The Viva Magenta color might seem familiar to you. It is the official Pantone color of the year for 2023 and a nod to the brand’s partnership with Pantone.

The phone has a sturdy aluminum frame that gives it a premium feel, but it is not very water-resistant. It has an IP52 rating, which means it can withstand some dust and water splashes, but not immersion. So, you have to be wary of that. 

The razr+ gets a redesigned teardrop hinge that makes it the thinnest foldable phone when closed. The hinge has a dual-axis tracking system that minimizes the size of the mechanism and reduces the crease on the screen when unfolded.

Take photos with it

One of the highlights of the new razr+ is its camera system, which offers versatility and quality for different scenarios. The phone has three cameras: a 12-megapixel main camera, a 13-megapixel ultrawide and macro camera, and a 32-megapixel selfie camera. 

The primary camera uses Instant Dual Pixel PDAF for fast and accurate focus in any lighting condition. It also has a wide f/1.5 aperture that lets in more light and creates beautiful bokeh effects in the background. The camera has optical image stabilization that eliminates shakes and blurs, resulting in crisp and clear photos. 

The great thing about the motorola razr+’s form factor is you can use the main camera for selfies. The external display can show a preview of the image or act as a viewfinder.

The ultrawide and macro camera can fit three times more into the frame than a standard lens. It can also switch to macro mode and take close-up shots of small details with a minimum focus distance of 2cm. The camera is ideal for landscapes, group photos, or nature shots.

Meanwhile, the selfie camera promises to take high-resolution selfies and work well for video calls. Fold the phone into its “laptop mode” and use it hands-free. The camera also supports AI face tracking and gesture control for easy and convenient selfies.

The razr+ also has a unique photo booth mode that lets you take four timed pictures with different poses using a simple gesture.

And do everything else…

The motorola razr+ is also a device that offers various entertainment options for its users. It has a game mode, a Dolby Atmos audio system, and runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset. The phone also has a Spatial Sound by Moto feature that makes the sound feel more realistic and surrounds the user.

You can enjoy all of that with the inner OLED screen. It measures 6.9 inches with a 1080p resolution and a 165Hz refresh rate. It has an Ultra Thin Glass display with multilayer protection and an LTPO technology that adjusts the refresh rate according to the activity.

The phone also has 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage for smooth multitasking and ample storage space. It also has a 3,800mAh battery that is larger than the previous generation and supports ultra-fast 30W TurboPower charging and 5W wireless charging.

motorola promises three years of operating system upgrades and four years of security support for the razr+ and the new razr. That’s an improvement over what the brand has done in the past, but it still falls short of Samsung’s promised four OS upgrades and five years of security support.

The basic motorola razr 

On top of the flashy motorola razr+, there’s also the simpler and possibly more affordable motorola razr (or razr 40 in other markets). The new razr offers a different experience from the razr+. It has a smaller cover screen, a less powerful chipset, and a bigger battery. It also has a unique design, a high-resolution camera system, and a smooth internal display.

The razr/razr 40 has a 1.5-inch 60Hz OLED cover screen that’s similar to the Galaxy Z Flip4. And it can display things like calendar alerts, texts, and weather. Motorola says this is for people who want to spend less time looking at their phones. But the cover screen also lets users take selfies with the main camera.

The main camera has a 64-megapixel sensor with OIS that can capture clear photos in any light. It also has a 13-megapixel ultrawide and macro lens that can take wide-angle shots or close-ups. And a 32-megapixel front camera for high-quality video calls and selfies from the inner display. 

The internal display of the motorola razr is the same as the motorola razr+. It is a 6.9-inch OLED screen with a teardrop hinge and a 144Hz refresh rate that makes it smooth and vivid.

The razr has an older Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 chipset that powers its features. But it has a larger 4,200mAh battery that guarantees it lasts longer than the razr+. It supports wireless charging and has an IP52 rating for dust and water resistance, too.

The motorola razr has a distinct and stylish look with Gorilla Glass and vegan leather. It comes in three trendy colors selected in partnership with Pantone: Sage Green, Vanilla Cream, and Summer Lilac.

motorola razr+ and razr: Price and availability

The motorola razr+ will be available for pre-order in the US on or through select carriers and retailers starting June 16. It will be available in-store starting June 23 for USD 999. In Canada, it retails for CAD 1,299 with the same pre-order dates. While in Europe, it’s already on sale for EUR 1,199. The device will roll out to selected markets across Latin America and Asia in the following weeks.

As for the motorola razr, there is no price or release date yet. But the company teases that it’ll have a “meaningful difference” in price compared to the razr+ when it comes out in the coming months.

The new razrs have easily made it into our Cool Tech of the Week list! Is it in your wishlist? Let us know your thoughts!