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Apple iOS 17 features we’re excited for

The Apple Vision Pro might be the hot topic at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), but that isn’t all the company had on offer. Since it’s a developer’s conference, we get to hear more about Apple‘s software, including the latest iteration of its iPhone’s operating system, iOS 17. 

And while the update isn’t groundbreaking, we found some useful additions to the mobile OS. Let’s check out our favorites here:

Screen unknown calls with Live Voicemail

Live Voicemail lets you screen incoming calls from unknown numbers. The phone will answer for you and show you a live transcript of what the caller is saying, so you can easily decide if you want to talk to them. Spam calls detected by carriers will be automatically rejected and won’t show up as Live Voicemail. The transcription is done entirely on your device.

iOS 17 lets you NameDrop

Apple introduces a new feature for iOS 17 called NameDrop that makes it easy to share your contact information and the new Contact Posters with someone by tapping your phones together. You can also use NameDrop between an iPhone and an Apple Watch. 

This feature works with AirDrop. A new Airdrop update lets you download large files even when the devices are out of range. The download should continue as long as you’re on the same Wi-Fi network.

Speaking of Contact Posters, it’s a new way to customize your call screen and share your contact details on iOS 17. You can choose from different styles of typography, colors, photos, or Memoji to create eye-catching posters that show up on the caller’s screen when you call them. It looks similar to the redesigned lock screen look. You can also use these posters with third-party apps that support VoIP calls.

FaceTime updates

FaceTime adds new features to make your calls more fun and convenient with iOS 17. You can now leave audio or video messages if the person you’re calling is unavailable. Spice up your calls with Video Reactions, such as hearts, balloons, fireworks, and more. Plus, you can activate them with simple gestures and use them with third-party apps, too. And if you want to enjoy FaceTime on a bigger screen, you can now make and take calls on your Apple TV (or switch from your iPhone to Apple TV during a call).

Check In with iOS 17

Check In is a new feature that helps you stay safe and connected when you travel. You can choose a friend or family member to be your Check In contact, and they will get a notification when you reach your destination. If you get delayed or lost, they will also get updates on your location, battery level, and cell service status.

Time to StandBy

StandBy is a new feature that transforms your screen into a personalized dashboard when you charge your phone in landscape mode. You can see the date and time, Live Activities, widgets, and smart stacks showing you relevant information at the right time. You can also swipe to see your favorite photos and choose from different clock faces. StandBy supports Siri, incoming calls, and larger notifications that are viewable from a distance. At night, the screen turns red to help you sleep better.

Introducing a Journal app

Journal is a new app coming to iOS 17 that helps you improve your well-being by journaling. You can write about your thoughts and feelings and reflect on your experiences. Journal makes it easy to start by suggesting topics based on your recent activities on your phone, including photos, people, places, and workouts. You can also set reminders to journal regularly. Your entries are encrypted to protect your privacy.

Apple iOS 17 availability

You can try iOS 17 today if you are a developer or next month if you join the public beta program. The final version will be out this fall and will work on iPhone XS and later models.

What iOS 17 feature are you most excited about? Let us know!