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Casio TR mini: What you need to know about this viral selfie camera

This unique compact camera from Casio had a revival of sorts in the TikTok era. Digital cameras are finding an audience in users looking for a different look for their online photos. And the Casio TR mini (TR-M11) goes after the selfie-loving crowd specifically. 

My mind instantly went to Totally Spies the first time I saw it. While it isn’t as high-tech as the compacts the ladies used in the cartoon, it is a capable little selfie camera. But before we get into its features, I really want to discuss that design first. 

The makeup compact look is intentional. Casio wants you to slip the Casio TR mini into your purse easily. It appeals to more feminine users with its light and bright colors. You can get it in baby pink, fuchsia pink, lime, violet, and white. I didn’t have a compact nearby when I checked it out for a bit, but it certainly had the weight and feel of one. 

When you open this compact Casio TR mini, you will be greeted by eight LEDs surrounding the 10.5-megapixel camera on the top part and the square 2.5-inch LCD on the bottom. Those eight lights are designed to give you uniform lighting no matter where you are. They can also help you achieve particular looks. 

You can adjust what lights turn on depending on the look you want to go with. One can help sculpt your face, another can slim it down, and another can give you a shadow on one side for a more dramatic look. There is another LED light below the touchscreen to help serve as your fill light. Of course, a selfie-centric device gets beauty filters, makeup modes, and even an option to remove moles.

The Casio TR mini comes with a 21mm lens, which can help you take flattering selfies. Its wide-angle perspective can capture your face up to your shoulders or include more people in the frame. Casio claims this focal length has a slimming effect on the face too. 

In an age where we do a lot of storytelling with the front-facing camera, it’s fun to have a unique gadget to do that on. I did see a video recording function on this, but I haven’t been able to play around with that. You can easily connect the Casio TR mini to your phone and transfer images via Bluetooth for easy sharing. If you want to share those fun selfies in a flash, this compact camera can help you. 

It’s been roughly six years since the Casio TR mini debuted. And I see it existing in 2023 as a mobile photo booth you can choose to shoot your fits on or even get your friends to join in. It’s less conspicuous than your smartphone and easier to carry around and shoot with. It might not produce images as sharp as your modern-day smartphone, but that isn’t the look it’s going for anyway. 

You can check out Isa’s unboxing here: 

Casio sold the Casio TR mini (TR-M11) for USD 500. But it was only available in limited markets, including Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan.

We can’t resist fun tech here—no matter how long they’ve been around. So, this little “retro” gadget gets named our Cool Tech of the Week! What do you think of the Casio TR mini?