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Miele Aerium: A new way to refresh and de-wrinkle your clothes

Miele has entered the smart clothing care system segment with its newest appliance. The Miele Aerium uses air, steam, and fragrance to freshen up garments that don’t need washing. If you’ve seen the LG Styler or the Samsung AirDresser, the concept is similar. Miele wants to introduce the Aerium in the European market, where these laundry cabinets are still a novelty.

The Miele Aerium is a sleek and tall cabinet at two meters tall and 50cm wide. The size allows it to fit various types of clothing and accessories. It has a Knock2Open feature that lets you open the door with two taps. It also has a HEPA filter that cleans the air and removes allergens.

This steam closet has five special hangers (AeroHangers) that air both sides of the garments. It also has a hanging rail, a shelf, and a lower area for different items. The shelf can be folded up to make room for longer dresses. The lower area has hinged outlets (AeroBars) that blow air and steam on shoes, hats, or gloves.

The Aerium uses Miele’s heat pump and steam generator technologies to produce steam that smooths and refreshes laundry. It has two 1.4L water tanks that can last for several cycles.

The Miele Aerium has three programs to choose from: PowerFresh, DryFresh, and AutoDry. PowerFresh refreshes clothing with steam, DryFresh refreshes delicate garments without steam, and AutoDry gently dries any garment type. You can adjust the time and intensity of each program according to your needs. You can also add fragrance and hygiene options to each program. 

The fragrance option uses Miele’s FragranceDos feature to scent your garments. Meanwhile, the hygiene option uses Hyonic Plasma technology to remove bacteria and viruses at low temperatures. 

The Miele Aerium has a touch interface that is hidden when not in use. You can also control it via the Miele app.

The Miele Aerium laundry cabinet will be available in Germany in the second quarter of 2024 for EUR 3,959. You can choose between Obsidian Black and Brilliant White colors.

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