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Roborock Q5 Pro entry-level robot vacuum is the ‘one to buy’

Roborock introduced some new vacuums and a new washing machine at IFA 2023. The one you might want to pay attention to is the Roborock Q5 Pro. According to Roborock President Quan Gang, the Roborock Q5 Pro is the “one to buy.” This new robot vacuum is made for the first-time buyer of a smart home cleaning device.

The Roborock Q5 Pro has a 5,500pa suction power and a 770ml onboard dustbin to ensure you don’t need to empty it all the time. It also features mapping capabilities and some new app features. With the Q5 Pro, you can do things like add no-go zones or ask for fast cleaning. Fast cleaning allows the robo vacuum to run 30 percent faster.

You can also now set a specific direction to clean along the floor so the Roborock Q5 Pro will head in the direction of the floor seams on wood or floor tiles.

The company also introduced the Q8 Max. Like the Roborock Q5 Pro, this gets the company’s new DuoRoller brush system, making both robot vacuums the first to get this premium S range feature. It adds two rubber brushes that move in the opposite direction to gather dirt more effectively.

The Roborock Q8 Max gets a Reactive Tech obstacle avoidance feature so it’s less likely to get stuck. This robo vacuum has mopping features and a larger water tank than the Roborock Q5 Pro at 350ml. This one also gets 5,500pa suction power.

Roborock Q8 Max

Now, if you’re looking for a wet/dry vacuum, the Roborock Dyad Pro Combo might be more your speed. It has 17,000pa of suction, different attachments to get the job done, a multisurface brush, and a smart sensor that can determine how dirty the floor is so it can adjust its power level. 

When docked, the Roborock Dyad Pro Combo can clean and dry itself. It has a 60-minute runtime.

As for pricing, the Roborock Q5 Pro costs USD 429.99 standalone or USD 699.99 for the Q5 Pro Plus (comes with an auto-empty charging dock). Meanwhile, the Q8 Max costs USD 599.99 standalone or USD 819.99 for the Q8 Max Plus. Both are slated to go on sale in October. As for the Dyad Pro Combo, that retails for USD 550.

Which vacuum are you more interested in? Let us know! Check out the rest of our IFA 2023 coverage here!