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Samsung Food: A new AI-powered food and recipe platform

Samsung Electronics has unveiled Samsung Food, a new food and recipe platform that uses artificial intelligence to personalize your culinary experience. Samsung Food will be available in 104 countries and eight languages and provide access to over 160,000 recipes from various cuisines and dietary preferences.

It will also act as a digital assistant. It can help you discover new dishes, plan your meals, order ingredients online, control your appliances, and follow step-by-step instructions. Of course, you can share your creations on social media, too.

How does it work?

Samsung Food leverages the power of Food AI. This advanced technology was developed by Whisk, a smart food platform that Samsung Next acquired in 2019. Food AI analyzes your preferences and food seasonality to suggest meals that suit your tastes and needs. 

For meal prep

You can expect various features to guide you through the whole process of meal planning and cooking. It covers four main aspects specifically: 

  • finding and customizing recipes; 
  •  planning meals according to your needs; 
  •  cooking with smart appliances; 
  •  and sharing your culinary creations with others.

You can save recipes to your digital recipe box from any device and access them anytime. Samsung Food also standardizes and organizes the recipes and creates shopping lists based on their ingredients. You can also get recipe recommendations from the app on your Bespoke Family Hub refrigerators, which can suggest dishes based on what you have in stock.

You can use the platform to personalize recipes according to your dietary requirements. The app’s Food AI can modify a saved recipe to make it work for your dietary restrictions, more nutritious, or more suitable for the ingredients you have on hand. You can even create fusion recipes and adjust the cooking time or recipe skill level.

Samsung Food helps you create personalized daily meal plans, too. The app uses AI to recommend meals that suit your data, dietary goals, and favorite cuisines and lets you add them to your meal planner. You can also check the nutritional information of the ingredients and order them online from your shopping list on the app.

When it’s time to cook

Samsung Food allows you to cook with your smart appliances seamlessly. You can set timers, preheat ovens, and send cooking settings to your appliances from their devices using step-by-step guided cooking modes. 

The app works with various Samsung appliances—including the Bespoke Oven. The company plans to connect more of its products, such as Bespoke induction ranges and Bespoke microwaves, by the end of the year.

Share your love for food

You can connect with other food lovers on the platform and share your culinary creations. On Samsung Food, you can post your favorite dishes, create and publish recipes, and follow the food content creators you like. 

What’s next for Samsung Food?

Samsung Food promises to enhance its features and services. By the end of the year, Samsung plans to integrate Samsung Health with the platform. This means you can get personalized suggestions for your diet management. Then, you can sync your health data—such as BMI, body composition, and calorie intake—with Samsung Food and get recommendations for meals that suit your health goals and diet.

In 2024, Samsung plans to introduce Vision AI technology to Samsung Food. This tech will allow the app to recognize food items and dishes from the camera and provide information about them (such as nutrition facts). 

The app will also enable the best recipe suggestions for using the food items, save these recipes to your collection, and add the required ingredients to a shopping list, all with a few taps.

Is this an app you will be using? Share your thoughts! And check out the rest of our IFA 2023 coverage here!