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7 favorite IFA 2023 announcements

Big tech shows like IFA 2023 introduce a deluge of products vying for our attention. We covered a part of the event, but I know we’ve just touched the surface of what there was to see. That said, we can’t help but list some of our favorites from this year’s show.


While we aren’t listing this in any particular order, the HONOR V Purse gets a special mention from us. We love a good fashion and tech moment, and this concept foldable delivered. It reminds us that technology doesn’t have to be too serious. It can be a bit fun and fashionable, too.

LG StanbyME Go

Our favorite kooky announcement at IFA 2023 has to be LG’s portable television. The LG StanbyME Go isn’t the company’s first attempt at unusual TVs, but it’s definitely one of those that stand out. I don’t know if I’d personally want to lug a TV around. But I’m sure some people are going to love this product.

Dolby Atmos Flex Connect

Now, the Dolby Atmos Flex Connect is a more practical announcement. And it’s going to help out a bunch of households. The idea that it can help offer a decent home theater experience in more unusual spaces piques our interest.

JBL Soundgear Sense

JBL finally introduces earbuds for outdoor users who still want to hear what happens around them. We especially like how the JBL Soundgear Sense gets the option to be a necklace-bound pair of buds to help keep them in place.

Miele Aerium

Smart closets are one of those things on my “When I’m rich, I’ll get this” list. And Miele throws its hat into that arena with the Miele Aerium. It’s an excellent addition to IFA 2023, and yes, it’s going to be a nice addition to my future home, too.

Samsung Food

Samsung’s most significant announcement at the show for us is an app. Samsung Food isn’t the first of its kind. But with the company’s wide range of products, it makes sense for them to tie them in this way (of course, with the help of artificial intelligence). It remains to be seen how well the app will work. But we want to be cautiously optimistic about it.

Urbanista Malibu

Here’s another one I’d want to get. The Urbanista Malibu is perfect for an outdoor sound trip. We love solar-powered audio gear here, and we hope this new speaker showcased at IFA 2023 lives up to that expectation.

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What was your favorite announcement at IFA 2023? Share your thoughts with us!