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Garmin Venu 3: Smartwatches that monitor your well-being

Garmin recently introduced the Venu 3 and Venu 3S GPS, the ultimate smartwatches for your wellness journey. With these wearables, you can access detailed health and fitness insights. You can also enjoy stunning AMOLED touchscreen and long-lasting batteries.

What else is new with the Garmin Venu 3 series? Let’s take a quick look below.

Keep tabs on your activities

As with other Garmin smartwatches, the Venu 3 series can track your daily steps, calories burned, floors climbed, and workouts. 

But it can also keep tabs on your moderate and vigorous intensity minutes, VO2 max during a run or bike ride, and cycling power in watts (when paired with a compatible power meter or indoor bike).

It has over 30 built-in sports apps and preloaded animated workouts for strength HITT, Pilates, and yoga right on the watch. You can even create your own step-by-step workouts from over 1,600 exercises in the Garmin Connect app. And if you’re training for a 5K run or longer, there are free Garmin Coach adaptive training plans to help you out.

Inclusive features

Garmin also introduces a new wheelchair mode to track daily pushes and receive weight shift alerts. The watch and app also offer wheelchair-specific sports apps and workouts. 

Garmin modified the algorithms of some existing features to offer vital insights for wheelchair users.

For better health tracking and rest

The Garmin Venu 3 series aims to monitor your overall well-being. To do that, it keeps track of data like your heart rate, and pulse ox. It also monitors stress, respiration, and body battery energy levels. And it can do this all day thanks to its promised 14-day battery life.

It emphasizes the importance of rest with new features like a sleep coach that can track the different stages of your sleep. You get a report in the morning that gives you an overview of your sleep, recovery, HRV status, and more.

There’s also a nap detection tool that automatically monitors your naps and lets you know the best time and duration for these quick snoozes.

The Venu 3 keeps track of your energy levels throughout the day with its Body Battery feature, so you know the best times of the day to rest or be active.

The smart in smartwatch

On top of its health and fitness features, the Garmin Venu 3 has intelligent features to help you out in other areas of your life. 

It now has a built-in speaker and microphone, allowing you to make and take calls from the watch. You will need a compatible smartphone for this to work. You can even use your smartphone’s voice assistant to respond to text messages and more. Android users can even preview photo messages and respond to messages via an on-watch keyboard.

The Venu 3 helps keep you safe with a feature that lets you send a message with your live location to your emergency contacts.

Plus, you get access to Garmin features like Garmin Pay and Connect IQ. You can listen to music on your smartwatch with playback support for Spotify, Deezer, and Amazon Music.

Garmin Venu 3 series: Price and availability

The Garmin Venu 3 and Venu 3S GPS are now available starting at PHP 28,250 (around USD 498). You can get it through Garmin’s official online stores and retail partners.

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