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The Leica Sofort 2 is a stylish hybrid instant camera

It’s been a while, but Leica has just unveiled the Sofort 2. This hybrid instant film camera lets you choose which photos to print and which to save. It replaces the original Sofort camera launched seven years ago. And it comes in two new colors: red and black. (But you can also still get it in white.)

The Leica Sofort 2 has a 1/5-inch digital sensor that captures images, which you can preview on a 2.7-inch LCD screen before printing. If you have photos you want to print out on your smartphone or other Leica cameras, you can do that, too. You will need the Leica FOTOS app to access your snaps from your Leica cameras. 

Leica Sofort 2 in White

The camera supports USB-C charging and has a lever for easy printing. It offers various creative options, including 10 film effects and 10 lens effects. 

You can also accessorize the Sofort 2 with wooden frames, wrist straps, carrying straps, bags, and more.

It competes with the likes of the Fujifilm instax mini Evo. This hybrid instant film camera costs USDS 200 and has similar features. However, the Sofort 2 has the advantage of being compatible with other Leica cameras.

If you want a premium instant film camera that gives you more control and flexibility over your photos, the Sofort 2 might be the one for you.

Leica Sofort 2 in Black

The Leica Sofort 2 will be available on November 9 for $389.

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