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Adobe’s Project Primrose shows off a dress that changes patterns in real time

What if you could change the pattern or color of your dress in real time? Adobe posits this idea with Project Primrose. The company showed off the technology at its 2023 Adobe MAX conference. 

One of its presenters walked on stage with a matte white dress that instantly turned into a patterned, reflective dress. This interactive dress is meant to offer a new way for creative professionals to preview and prototype designs instantaneously.

Project Primrose uses “Reflective Light-Diffuser Modules” to create a non-emissive flexible display system. Unlike color-changing tech we’ve seen in the past, where they used electronic ink or conventional displays, Adobe opts for this more reflective, eye-catching material.

What’s more is the flexible, non-emissive textile can display content created from Adobe’s suite of products, like Firefly, After Effects, Stock, and Illustrator. 

This combination allows designers to incorporate the technology into surfaces beyond clothing. Think about putting it on furniture, bags, and more. Perhaps, users can just download and “wear” new designs from their favorite designers without buying a new piece of clothing, furniture, or accessories.

We loved that there’s even an option of the design moving as you do. The presenter at Adobe Max sometimes pressed a button to change the patterns. But there are also sensors on the dress that allow it to shift as they move. It’s a fascinating thing to watch. 

What do you think about it?

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