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Motorola imagines a smartphone with a flexible display

If you remember the Slap Wraps, you grew up in the ’90s like me. What if I tell you we could potentially see this accessory become a future form factor for your smartphone? Motorola’s Mobility division showed off a concept smartphone with a flexible display. And yes, one form turns it into a high-tech version of the Slap Wraps.

This Adaptive Display Concept features a 6.9-inch FHD+ pOLED display that you can bend and shape into different forms. It’s definitely more flexible than our existing foldies. You can have it stand upright on the bent part or curved upside down. And when you have it on your wrist, this flexible display turns into a 4.6-inch compact screen.

Having it on your wrist makes it more of an accessory, which Lenovo kind of sees it as. The video above shows the person turning the pattern on her blouse as a theme for the device.

And while Motorola hasn’t made any of these flexible displays outside of the razr phones, this isn’t the first weird phone design from the brand or its parent company, Lenovo. Earlier this year, we saw the Rizr rollable concept phone at the Mobile World Congress.

Motorola's new flexible display concept on a desk

There’s no guarantee these concepts will be produced. But it’s always fun to see where brands are at when it comes to thinking about the future of smartphones. 

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