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The Humane AI Pin wants to simplify your tech life

We saw previews of the Humane AI Pin in the past few months. But now, this wearable AI device is official. And it retails for USD 699. You also need to pay a monthly USD 24 subscription fee to get a phone number and data coverage through T-Mobile’s network. 

Humane thinks of the AI Pin as a substitute for our smartphones. It takes away the extra layers and interface from the tech we use. The idea is you can just touch or talk to it, say what you want to do or need to know, and have it automatically respond.

Humane AI Pin in its charging case


It relies on AI models and the software the company calls AI Mic. Humane says ChatGPT access is one of its device’s core features. It runs on an operating system Humane called Cosmos. It’s designed to route your queries to the right tools instead of asking you to download or manage specific apps. 

The Humane AI Pin comes in two parts: the main device and a battery pack that magnetically attaches to it. You can slip that battery pack or “battery booster” inside your clothing to secure the device on yourself. Humane will also offer a clip, allowing you to attach the AI Pin to bags or other items. The device weighs 34 grams, while the battery booster adds an extra 20 grams.

It runs on an unspecified Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and is controllable using a combination of voice control, camera, gestures, and its small built-in projector. The camera can take 13-megapixel photos and videos, but that’ll come after a software update.

The Humane AI Pin isn’t designed to always capture what’s happening or listen for a wake word. You need to tap and drag on its touchpad with the Pin’s “Trust Light” blinking to let you know it’s collecting data.

So far, what you can do is still pretty much what we’ve discovered previously. You get voice-based messaging and calling, a “catch me up” option that summarizes your email inbox, health and dietary info when you hold up food, and real-time translation. We learn it comes with Tidal music streaming support, but you’d need a subscription for it to work. But mainly, it looks like the Humane AI Pin is meant to be a wearable large language model-powered search engine.

Humane told Wired it plans to add navigation and shopping in the future. It also wants to open access to developers so they can build tools of their own.

The idea is intriguing, even if we remain skeptical about whether the Humane AI Pin can deliver. But we’d love to see more of these out-of-the-box ideas surrounding how we should interact with our daily tech.

Would you pick one up? Share your thoughts with us!