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This Duracell power bank looks like an oversized AA battery

Need a portable charging station that does more than your typical power bank? The Duracell M150 gives you that in a unique package. True to its brand, this new accessory looks like an oversized version of its coppertop battery. But it is rechargeable and you can top-up multiple devices simultaneously. 

Since it’s meant to be portable, it comes in around the size of a travel bottle. So, if you carry around a backpack, it can fit into that side pocket.

Image: Duracell

The Duracell M150 features a large 150W 25,000mAh battery capable of recharging a laptop to full capacity, a tablet around three times, a smartphone approximately six times, or a smartwatch 50 times. If you’re constantly in the field, this is a handy accessory to have around.

This power station has four charging ports, including two USB-C ports with 100W and 60W output and two USB-A ports with 18W output. On top, there’s a magnetic wireless charging pad that can hold your phone at an angle while it charges. Of course, that means it can charge your iPhone. But since it isn’t MagSafe certified, it’ll charge at a slower 7.5W speed.

That lid also serves as a little compartment, so you can store cables or even your wireless buds. Duracell includes a charging dock that can fully recharge the power bank in around two and a half to three hours. You can also plug the Duracell M150 into a USB-C outlet to charge it in about two or two and a half hours.

If you want a unique power station that can handle your needs, check out the Duracell M150. Duracell also offers a more heavy-duty 60,000mAh option called the M250.

Image: Duracell

The Duracell M150 retails for USD 199, while the M250 goes for USD 299.

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