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Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses: Made for social media lovers

Meta and Ray-Ban aren’t done making smart glasses together. The two brands worked with Italian-French design conglomerate EssilorLuxottica again for the second-generation Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses. 

I’ve always seen these glasses as a useful tool for content creators and social media lovers to share their experiences through a different lens, so to speak. What’s new with this pair? Read on to find out!

More design options

The new Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses come in two styles this time. You can get it in the classic Wayfarer or the Headliner. And you can pick from over 150 custom frame and lens configurations. Aside from getting style options, you can choose from various lens options, including polarized lenses for glare reduction, UV protection, and clear lenses for optimal visibility.

These new glasses are designed to be more comfortable and lighter. And they can handle light splashes with an IPX4 water resistance rating.

Capture more with Ray-Ban Meta

These new Ray-Ban Meta glasses get a significant camera upgrade with a new 12-megapixel ultra-wide angle lens (compared to the 5-megapixel sensor on the first-gen pair).

These glasses now solely capture in portrait mode with a photo resolution of 3,024 x 4032 and 1080p video resolution for up to 60 seconds at a time. 

And when you want to send out those snaps, you just need to say “Send a photo” to get it started.

Like their predecessor, the Ray-Ban Meta has an LED sensor and indicator in the frame so you can let those around you know you’re recording.

Time to go live

Unsurprisingly, live-streaming is one of the new features on the Ray-Ban Meta. Of course, they only work on Meta products like Facebook and Instagram. You get up to 30 minutes of hands-free streaming and the ability to seamlessly switch between your phone camera and the glasses for that multi-camera setup. Content creators are going to love the latter feature.

Better hands-free communications

You can expect better audio quality on these second-generation Ray-Ban Meta glasses. Five built-in microphones relay information back to you through better-quality open-ear speakers located in the arm above the ear. You can take calls, send messages, and use WhatsApp.

The speakers on these smart glasses feature audio that prioritizes direction and have louder max volume (50% more supposedly) while reducing audio leakage. That will be handy if you want to listen to music on this pair. Meta claims these offer deeper bass than before. Even when it’s noisy or windy, it says you can hear clearly on them, too.

And if you want to control music manually, the right arm of the glasses has touch controls. (You can also use this to capture photos and videos.)

Of course, there’s AI

There can’t be a new product in 2023 without some artificial intelligence included. Meta AI serves as an ever-present virtual assistant on these glasses. It can answer questions, set reminders, help adjust settings, assist with navigation, and offer personalized recommendations. Meta AI also brings accessibility features like text-to-speech and speech-to-text.

An upcoming update to the Ray-Ban Meta will allow it to “see” what you see. So, you could use it to assist you with accomplishing tasks or troubleshooting issues. I would want to know the privacy safeguards for a feature like this, but I haven’t seen information on that yet.

The Ray-Ban Meta runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon AR1 Gen1 chip with 32GB of storage. That allows you to store 500 photos and 100 30-second videos.

Sleek new charging case

Meta and Ray-Ban slimmed down the charging case for these second-gen pair. It’s now 32% lighter, making it easier to fit into your bag. 

The case extends the four-hour battery life on the Ray-Ban Meta glasses. Meta claims you get an additional 32 hours of use with it.

Ray-Ban Meta: Final thoughts

It’s good to see how Meta is refining the experience on the Ray-Ban Meta. From what Meta promises this pair of glasses can do, a social media lover or content creator could get more done. And that’s always what we ask for from a new iteration of a gadget.

Whether you want to capture and share your moments, listen to music and podcasts, communicate with others, or get assistance from Meta AI, these glasses can help do that. And with the new design options, its camera upgrade, and the addition of live-streaming, they are even more appealing and versatile than before.

The Ray-Ban Meta has a starting price of USD 299 / GBP 299.

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