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LiTT reads: Learn to sleep better with the Samsung Galaxy Watch6

If there’s one important thing that stuck with us recently, it’s the need for proper sleep. And we have Samsung to thank for arming us with some handy tips while we test out its Galaxy Watch6 device.

But that isn’t the only new tech we’ve encountered. There is Motorola’s smartphone concept with a flexible display, new mics from SteelSeries, Humane’s bid to replace the smartphone, and more!

Motorola imagines a smartphone with a flexible display

Motorola’s Adaptive Display Concept is a smartphone with a twist. Literally! Learn more about this flexible display concept here!

SteelSeries Alias, Alias Pro: Mics made for streamers

Meet the new SteelSeries Alias and Alias Pro, microphones built for gamers and streamers!

Better sleep tips with the Samsung Galaxy Watch6

Sleep isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. And sometimes, we need a little help to get it right. Find out how the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 can help!

IN PHOTOS: realme 11

Meet the realme 11, the flashy midrange phone with a 108MP camera and 67W fast charging! (Check out the unboxing here!)

The Humane AI Pin wants to simplify your tech life

Meet the Humane AI Pin, the wearable device that wants to replace your smartphone!

This Duracell power bank looks like an oversized AA battery

Why carry around multiple chargers when you can have one that does it all? Check out the new Duracell M150!

Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses: Made for social media lovers

Introducing the new Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, the perfect blend of fashion and tech! Learn about what’s new with this second-gen pair here!

In short(s)…

In case you missed what we’ve been posting lately, here’s a quick rundown for you!

What did you love to learn about this time? Share your thoughts with us!