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JBL Spinner BT: Mixing old with the new

There continues to be a market for vinyl in our high-tech world. So, there is interest in new record players that can mix the “old school sound” with new technology. JBL blends this seamlessly with the JBL Spinner BT. 

JBL introduced this record player earlier in the year at CES 2023. And it recently made its way to the Philippines alongside the Authentics line.

The key thing you need to know about the JBL Spinner BT is its support for Bluetooth aptX HD, allowing it to send high-quality audio to a Bluetooth speaker, headphones, amp, or system sans wires. But it also has an analog output with a switchable moving magnet phono stage to support older audio systems.

Like the Authentics speakers, it offers dual support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. 

It features an aluminum tonearm to guarantee excellent tracking of the record groove without causing wear and tear to the record over time. The “high-quality” Audio Technica moving magnet cartridge comes pre-installed. Its hardshell is removable, allowing you to replace this cartridge easily.

This vinyl player comes with an aluminum platter driven by a belt drive and a motor with an optical sensor underneath, allowing for precise playback (whether you’re listening to an album, EP, or single). It can spin records at 33⅓ and 45 rpm, letting it play the majority of 7- and 12-inch records without any problems.

The JBL Spinner BT also gets a black MDF plinth with orange or gold accents, a modern-looking front panel, and a hinged dust cover.

You can get the JBL Spinner BT for PHP 30,999  / USD 399.

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