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If you couldn’t tell that we’re taken by HONOR’s V Purse concept, then this post is going to remind you about that. We saw it at IFA 2023 and loved how you can customize it with different straps and screen designs.

As you’ll see in the photos included in this story, there are different strap options available to customize the HONOR V Purse.

We get chunky chains with ribbons, thin chains, pearls, and more.

And to customize this foldie further, the outward folding screen shows different designs. Some make them look like handbags, while others are more fun.

HONOR collaborated with renowned designers and artists to create these unique, always-on display designs. These include BURBERRY menswear design director Bram Van Diepen, contemporary artist Yunuene Esparza, dean of the China Academy of Art International College Yuan Youmin, and interdisciplinary artist Xiao Hui Wang to create customized always-on display designs to show this concept off.

We love the ones that make these slim foldables look like a bag, but the patterned ones are fun, too. The panda one is adorable.

And since the patterns are on the HONOR V Purse’s screens, these are interactive. So, the ones that look like it has a charm on them move when you swipe your finger against them. Same for that fur-like design.

The V Purse has a small button that unclips and unfolds the display so you can use it as a regular foldie. But what’s great about this concept is it kept its thickness at less than 9mm thick. And it certainly doesn’t look that much thicker than your typical candybar phone.

There is valid concern about the durability of an outward-facing screen. But since it’s a concept, this line of thinking remains theoretical. It does have some similarities to other foldables the company offers. HONOR has said that V Purse’s hinge can survive the same 400,000 folds as the HONOR Magic V2 (this one they’re actually selling).

If the HONOR V Purse becomes an actual product, would you pick one up?

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